Founded in 1982 under another name (RR Navigare Im- + Export GmbH) we are operating since more than 30 years as International Trading Company. Navigare is located near Bremen, in the north of Germany, is still private owned and fully independent. Our Logo is the Kogge (vessel) of the Hanse – this is the name of the former existing German merchants' association (between the 12th and mid 17th century), whose aim was the safety of the crossing and the representation of joint common economic interests especially abroad. Their spirit was trustful, competent and effective – and this is still the basis of our business.


Together with our international partners around the globe (Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Moscow, Singapore, Durban...) we are serving our customers. We are representing various German and European companies on different markets (e.g. OCP Technologies, LAHNER ACADEMY, Krupp Polysius, KAPPA optronics..) With our long experiences in these markets we are holding perfect contacts to various companies, local ministries and forces. 


Due to the worldwide demand in security we have started to develop own security systems and established SKYPOINT SECURITY as department of Navigare. And, already in 2007, we have founded SAFETY POLE FACTORY GMBH located in Bavaria. Special camera systems for various uses complete our range of goods. New systems are under development and in testing which will be presented and offered to our honourable customers soon.


The branch “security” became more and more a focal point in our business. In this sector we are partners/suppliers for sundry governments in Europe and Asia.


As division of Navigare we established the LAHNER GROUP for tactical training and education and are one of the leading provides for tactical solutions. Our state-of-the-art training in tactical concepts as well classroom lectures and education for law enforcement, military and security personnel, companies, NGO`s and civilians searches similar. Meanwhile it is an independent company and operates under the name LAHNER GROUP GmbH. Here we

are developing products according to your special needs.


As partner of OCP TECHNOLOGIES GmbH we manufacture soft ballistic protection products for different markets and according to your requirements.


In addition we are partners of THETA LASER GmbH and are presently manufacturing the 

air purifier THETACore tOWER!








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